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This website, owned and operated by the Rudramani, aims to clarify clearly and clearly how the Rudramani uses the personal information it provides through use, access, use, or any other activity. That you can make on this site, following any article of privacy laws, including This is the European regulation of data protection and Canadian privacy laws.

The information collected through an Rudramani administration can be combined with the information gathered via other IATA platforms according to your specifications and help in giving you personalized services. Rudramani is a worldwide association with legal materials, management structures, and specialized systems that cross borders. Our privacy practices aim to protect your personal information, anywhere in the world. Rudramani give your personal details within Rudramani and send it to some places where IATA operates. In cases where these countries do not give an adequate level of protection for your personal information, Rudramani will use appropriate shields to ensure that your personal information is processed under the highest protection forms.

Personal Information

Personal information is any information that allows you to identify your immediate or underlying identity: name, email address, title, IP address, telephone number, collection, exchange of information, contact details, and MasterCard details. Rudramani only requests personal information that is vital for purposes. Credit card information is used to prepare payment and prevent extortion.


You can access the main features of our site without identification. This means that our website is organized so that you can visit Rudramani on the web without having to reveal any personal information. When IATA collects your personal information, you will be told the purpose and mandatory or discretionary information classifications to achieve this specific purpose, and from whom that information may be transferred to achieve this particular purpose.

Links to Different sites

Rudramani sites may provide links to websites of external organizations for your benefit and information. We do not endorse or make images on external websites. Review the privacy policy before submitting your personal information. Some external organizations may decide to transfer your personal information to Rudramani; This participation is subject to the privacy policy of that external company.

After Progress

Our website uses treatments to improve and reorganize your experience. Read the cookie policy to know different types of rewards and their purposes and information about configuring your program in case you want to disable them.

External information

Rudramani does not sell, rent, or rent your personal information to any external person unless Rudramanirequests your consent to that. Rudramanishares information with organizations that work for Rudramani. Rudramani will take appropriate measures to ensure that these subcontractors guarantee a high level of protection for your personal information.

Record Calls

All calls will be recorded in addition to the conferences established between you and Rudramani during the provision of Rudramani customer services to meet the needs of customers better and improve the nature of the management we provide. If you do not want to register, you can always express your inquiry directly online on the customer portal.

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