Riverfront Residences Oxley Lian Beng Venture Site Plan and Floor Plans

Riverfront Residences is a leasehold development base in the Northern-Eastern Region of Singapore in Hougang and is on leasehold for 99 years. It is successfully undertaken by Oxley-Lian Beng Venture. The new launch condos of the Riverfront Residences Oxley are currently being constructed, so it will offer to the people who are still saving money for the initial down payment a great option, as the buyers can give installments in every few months according to the payment schedule that is made for the Riverfront Residence.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Lian Beng Venture

Riverfront Residences is being developed under the Oxley-Lian Beng Venture and the stake the is being held by each is :- 10 % Stake is held by the Teo Family’s Apricot Capital, 20 % stake is being held by the Lian Beng, KSH development holds the Stake of 35 % and Oxley holds the stake of 35 %. Please see the site plan and floor plans here for more information.

Oxley-Lian Beng Venture are making plans to create something unique, something that is different from anything else like a majestic waterfront. Also the Unique position of the Riverfront Residences is that it will allow you the front view of the Sungei Seragoon River.

Riverfront Residences Site Plan and Floor Plans Singapore

Another good thing about the Riverfront Residences is that it is located near the retail outlets and malls, and shops are first thing we search for when we enter a new location to reside for.

Riverfront Residences is also located near Hougang MRT Station as well as the Hougang Bus Interchange, so it is also a plus point as it will make easier to travel in the other parts of Singapore like the Chinatown, whole Northeast lines connects to the MRT Stations. Also who o up-down on daily basis for the business or their work purposes can travel peacefully. Riverfront Residences are also locate near some of the well-established schools. One of the oldest and earliest established Catholic Schools is Holy Innocent’s High School, main focus of this school is to bring out the unique potential of each and every student, the school’s also focused on make student’s chase their passions. There is a 200M frontage of the Serangoon area.

Riverfront Residences 200M Sungei Serangoon Frontage

There’s also a Girl’s Primary School that focuses to develop the well every aspect of their students so they can achieve and can chase their passions in their future for the bright life.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Lian Beng is located in the Hougang town in the North-East of the Singapore region and also it is the most highly searched and sought location from the people because of the Sungei Seragoon River and the major MRT stations. Also the people who reside in the Hougang are self-sufficient and it is commercial area also so there will be a feeling of safety 24×7 as the police is always active in these areas.

You will have to wait to enjoy the amazing and luxurious life by investing in the Riverfront Residences condos as they are still being developed but one thing is guaranteed that the time you’ve waited and the money you have invested in the Riverfront Residences will be worth every single second you have waited and every single penny you have invested here, you won’t get disappointed.

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