Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong Freehold Development

Singapore, due to its global financial center and multicultural population, is becoming more and more popular. The tropical climate is another plus for the island city-state. For these reasons, more and more apartment buildings or condos are developed. Among some of the most interesting are the Meyerhouse condo.

This is a new freehold development placed in the center of Tanjong Katong. It is developed by UOL Group, and may be better known as the former Nanak Mansions freehold development. Its position near the Meyer Road district and the upcoming public transportation lines makes it a great choice to consider.

Meyerhouse Location at Tanjong Katong

The site is located in the Meyer Road residential area and Tanjong Katong residential area, both known for being some of the most deluxe areas. This also means that the place is close to a bunch of country clubs, among which: Marina Bay Golf Course, Chinese Swimming Club and others. These clubs provide extra facilities for residents of Meyerhouse, especially in terms of socializing and networking.

Meyerhouse condo are also located near several established schools or institutions. This is particularly convenient for people with kids because they will spend less time on the road and more time with their kids, enjoying various activities together. There are also a lot of upscale international schools in the area, as well as primary ones, which is a big plus for the community.

Meyerhouse Condo Freehold Development

One of the most important aspect might just be the nature of these condos: freehold, instead of leasehold. It has been determined that owning this type of properties is considered to be a better investment, given that the capital is preserved.

The proximity to two MRT Stations is also very important and this made the estate one of the highly affluent property. Given that the business district is extremely congested and polluted, Meyerhouse East Coast Park is a great way to avoid all that and also be part of an upscale residential area.

Meyerhouse East Coast Park

East Coast park is located a few minutes away from the Meyerhouse Singapore, and it offers a lot of outdoor activities. You can spend some time on the bicycle trails, walk along the beach or play sports such as volleyball or water sports. There is even an indoor mini-golf course for you to try.

If you enjoy eating out and a diversified cuisine, you should be happy to hear that East Coast Park offers a seafood center, traditional food and continental dishes. Sometimes the place hosts carnivals or beer tastings.

There are a lot of things to do, for the entire family, just two steps away from Meyerhouse freehold Condo residential area. So for the 4th one, should I do it when I get home or do 5 tomorrow? It would be easier for me to start again tomorrow morning, fresh.

The Gazania Freehold Condo Near to Shopping Centres and Schools

The Gazania residence is a freehold condo established few meters from Bartley MRT Station. It’s former Sun Rosier condo. This residence is a development of SingHaiYi properties. It’s strategically located at the city center thus making it the ideal living place. The Gazania has high profile facilities that make it outstanding among other living residences in Bartley. Among unique features it has includes a modernly designed swimming pool, childrens playground, gym, club&guard house as well as Sundeck just naming a few. Your family will live a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle full of entertainment.

Shopping Centers Located Next To The Gazania

There are huge shopping arcades located meters away from The Gazania Freehold Condo. Residents don’t have to travel far distances in search of their daily necessities. Here are the shopping centers located next to the Gazania. Nex shopping center is located a few meters from the Gazania. It’s home to many tenants offering various items and services to residents. It has a number of dining as well as fashion joints. The Gazania Freehold Condo has many and unique facilities that will serve both the old and young as well as the big library and it’s pets friendly.

Heartland Mall is a very popular shopping mall among the residents of The Gazania Bartley and other neighborhoods. It’s located next to The Gazania. It’s easily accessed due to its tactical location next to many roads. There are numerous dining centers where family members and friends can gather and have ample time together as well as share ideas and create social networking. You’ll not lack what you’re looking at this mall. It’s a place where you’ll have a great shopping experience.

The direction taken in 2018 seeing an extremely high demand for housing units would not have been sustainable and the home market in Singapore might have burst its bubble or have a calamity in waiting. The moderate climate for sales on new private homes is ideal for the market for both the developers and the buyers. There is more to be glad about the situation than we can complain about if statistics are anything to go by. Therefore, more sales can be seen at new developments at The Gazania once it is available for sale.

Schools Located Next To The Gazania

Learning institutions is among the top factors that you should consider when searching for a private living place. The Gazania is surrounded by elite institutions offering students quality education. Children will have much enough time on their studies and to rest after classes since they will travel less time to and from the school. Also, parents will not have to spend much time picking their kids from school.

Top Schools Near to The Gazania by SingHaiYi Properties Singapore

Among these top schools include St Gabriel, Cedar girls, Bartley as well as Marit Stella secondary schools. Other schools include Saranda, cendar and Maris Stella primary schools among many others. It’s a place you’ll never regret buying a unit. The life at this condo is lovely since it’s located close to many amenities that will ease your livelihood. Go and join the force and you’ll thank me later.

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